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Frontside 180 trick tip


So you’re already comfortable riding the blue jumps in the park and want to up the anti will a spin.

For most people the frontside 180 will be the easiest spin to learn first. Frontside means you initiate the spin by turning your upper body to the front, so for a regular rider this means spinning anti-clockwise and for a goofy rider means spinning clockwise.

It important with any spin to have  good edge grip as you take off so you have something to push against when throwing the spin. Frontside spins can be done of both the toe side and heal side edge but most people find it easier to take of the heals, which is the way demonstrated in the video.

Roll into the jump slightly on heal edge but without carving too hard so that you take off at an angle. By doing a slight turn on your toes before changing onto the heals you can keep the board traveling straight up the jump when you take off. This slight S-shape turn is called the set up turn and is an important part of any spin off a park jump.

As you ride up the jump just open your shoulders up so you take off with your upper body facing forward, remember you’re only doing a 180 so you don’t need to chuck it too hard!

Pop off the tail of the board the same as you would for a straight air. A common mistake is to rush the take off and pop of the middle or even the front of the board, try and be patient and ride the whole length of the board off the jump, this will give you a cleaner pop and more controlled rotation.

Keep your upper body leading the rotation ahead of your lower half and your board, this will enable you to control the rotation and drop it onto the landing bang on 180.

“Stomp it and ride away clean” this is a bit of a cliche but if you get all the previous steps right the landing part is easy!

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